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Battle for Green

Board Game

Why Battle for Green

Shedding the light on a crisis like climate change is crucial. Our planet needs our love and care and is in dire need for us to take action in order to protect our planet. The Battle of the Green game was created to educate our young generations about climate change and the consequences of the policies that impact the planet and its people negatively.

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What is Battle for Green

The battle for green is a board game to educate the young generation about climate change, the impact of politics on our planet, and how corporations lobby governments to resist the new green policies, which tax and limit the resources they use the most.

Battle for Green: Projects

My Contribution

My contributions have been around creating content for each part of the game. I focused on helping with action cards, disaster cards, and policy cards. Writing these cards required a lot of reading and research. I learned a lot about the new green deal, pollution, climate change, impact on individuals, and the government.

I researched a lot of policies, all of which I've never heard of before which in turn made me aware of how these policies could impact people and the earth. I also edited the GDD by editing the layout, adding the table of contents, the revision history, and writing a reflection on the player testing feedback. It wasn't until after all the readings that I was able to confidently create more content.

I also read the Secret Hitler player's manual and watched a video to get a better idea of how our games were related and where they were different. For the disaster cards, I actually looked up real disasters that had happened and tried to bring that back into the game. I wanted my content to be as realistic and as educational as possible.

Battle for Green: Projects
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