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Deki Tigray Shirt Design

 I designed a shirt that featured Tigray, a historical region located in the north of Ethiopia, for a special event called Lekatit. Lekatit is an important event for the Tigray people in which they celebrate the foundation of Wayani, a political movement. 

The shirt I designed added various elements of Tigray’s symbols and important historical elements that have the right feel for the type of event being celebrated. This was hard to get right and required some research into Tigray, its history, and prominent places. The design went through many iterations as I showed the design to my user, gathered feedback, and incorporated that feedback back into the design.

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Preschool Logo

I started my design process by having in-depth conversations with my user. I asked the user, a school principal, a few questions to gain a better understanding of what the logo would represent and the most important elements of her school. This allowed me to ideate over a few concepts and produce multiple logo iterations. We then selected the one that most resonated with her and continued a few more iterations before finalizing the logo design.

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