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Husky Bank

Why HuskyBank

Financial stress has a huge impact on students. It greatly affects their mental health and wellbeing. 
Students are in dire need to budget and track their finances to reduce their stress and anxiety. Having control over their finances allows them to achieve academic success and participate in the academic community in more meaningful ways.

logo concept 2.png

What is HuskyBank

The primary goal while developing this application was to create — for UW college students — a financial companion to help prepare them for the “real world”.
The HuskyBank app aims to help guide the college students into a new area of responsibility while maintaining a fun and engaging component by having an interactive husky dog avatar.


My Contribution

  • Designing the UI (helping in choosing the icons, layout, and the colors)

  • Research

  • Created a secondary persona 

  • Designing the logo 

Husky Bank: Projects
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