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Self Care for Therapists


Why Enrich

Enrich was a project that I and others worked on in HCDE318. It showcased our ability to research, interview, prototype, design, and produce a product that helped people in an industry. We choose to help therapists. We started on our journey not knowing exactly what we wanted to create. After talking to 5 therapists, a clear theme was uncovered; self care.

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What is Enrich

Enrich is centered around the user’s mental health and well-being. As this daily challenge is often a neglected feature of therapists’ lives, we aim to inform, incentivize, and encourage healthy practices through our self-care app. Enrich allows therapists to input their mood, feelings, notes, and other information quickly and efficiently. This streamlines the process of data collection to then create helpful recommendations.

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My Contributions

This was a group effort and everyone brought their diverse ideas, perspectives and skills to the table to be able to create our product; Enrich.

Here are some of my contributions to the project:

I found and helped connect therapists with various team members. This was the most important part of our journey and using my community contacts was able to find a diverse set of therapists to help us understand the space and what they really needed and why. I also interviewed one of the therapists that I found and get some profound insights from her.

Although no one else was able to reconnect with the therapists that they interviewed, I was closely in contact with one of the therapists. I therefore was able to continually share our prototypes and gather feedback to better address various issues. This information was critical to our development and forced us to pivot our ideas more than once.  

I helped create the prototypes in figma and iterate on content, design, and look and feel. As part of this work, I needed to source images, create layouts and user flows, generate content, create an information architecture, storyboard, and wireframes. Our steps are outlined in detail on our product page.

See the full product portfolio here:

Enrich: Projects
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